Monday, October 29, 2012

Why is your product different from other acid stains?

Ask a Pro
  Q. -  why is your product different from other acid stains?

Hello Shirley,
   A. -  Concrete Camouflage acid stains, as well as sealers and floor waxes, are different from others because of how we make our products and what we make them out of. Concrete Camouflage upholds the highest of quality standards, and has an aggressive yet patient R & D department. We are staffed with, and work with, not only a number of Ph.D.'s, ranging from their 40's to their 80's, but also artists who have worked for decades with these types of products. We're thereby able to take the best of the industries technology and materials from decades past through today, and tomorrow. Adding to that, practicality, value and user friendliness.
   But it's not just our products that are made better. The same level of quality runs rampant through the shipping department, customer service department, tech department, and all levels of Concrete Camouflage. We started as a family business and are now an employee owned business. Each and everyone of us takes pride in what we sell, what we do, and what we represent.
However, rather than taking our word for it. You may want to order in a small test bottle and see for yourself.
I hope this helps