Monday, October 22, 2012

Can I Stain and Seal over Paint Flecks?

Ask a Pro
   Q. -  I have pressure washed , used citrus stripper, cleaned with tsp and pressure washed again some small flecks of paint still elude me. but sanding and additional stripper aren't getting them out, so I decided to ask about staining over them. I know they won't stain but if te color is ok with me will it matter as far as the sealer adhearing properly? Also I already have purchased the audio cd guide can the price be deducted from project kit? Can I get 300 square ft but have 2 different colors? I have fried my samples and like the two layered. Thank you.
Hello Linda,
   A. -  As you mentioned, the stain will not cover the flecks of paint. It sounds like they're embedded into the concrete pretty well, and if that is the case, then so long as you're happy with the look you'll achieve, then I would say go forward. Of course, if the paints flecks ever let go of the concrete, then that could cause the sealer to flake up in those areas. However, if the paint is indeed flecks, and that embedded in, then it doesn't seem like sealing over them would be a problem.
   The amount charged in the kit for the Audio Guide CD is $10.00, and as you have already purchased the CD, then yes we will deduct it from the kit. We'll email you a gift/discount certificate for $10.00 that you can use during checkout, with the kit purchase.
   Yes, you can request different colors in the kits. There is a Special Notes section on the kit page that you can fill in when ordering. Just tell us how much of each color and we're happy to take care of it.
I Hope this helps