Monday, October 1, 2012

What color should I expect when using Riverstone on exterior brushed concrete?

Ask a Pro

  Q. -  Hello, I'm doing a pool deck that is brushed concrete. I understand that each piece of concrete will stain differently, but can you tell me what color is Riverstone typically going to be on this application?
Hello Matt,
  A. -  Of course it depends totally on your concrete, though application technique does have some effect. Riverstone tends to be more of a brown when applied to brushed concrete. It tends to be more of the grays when applied to smoother concrete, like interior floors. However, you will have a better chance at pulling more grays out of it, if you apply it lightly and then only let it sit for a few hours or just until it is completely dry and then neutralize and rinse it off, rather than letting it sit overnight or up to 24 hours as suggested for most colors. So, if you want more browns or darker grays then apply a saturating coat and let it sit up to 24 hours before neutralizing it, but if you're trying to pull more lighter and/or medium grays then apply a saturating but lighter coat and only let it sit only until it is dry and up to just a few hours before neutralizing it and rinsing it.
   You may want to consider ordering a small bottle first to do some small test areas, perhaps on the pool equipment pad, to ensure the color achieved as well as timing and amount needed to achieve the color that your hoping to get.
   I hope this helps