Friday, December 10, 2010

What's the difference between Artist grade, Standard grade, and acrylics?

Ask a Pro
Q. - can u please tell me the difference between your artist and standard grades of acid stains? also what is the difference between your concrete stains and the acrylic / semi transparent / water base concrete stains that i have seen locally?
A. - The difference in our standard and artist grade concrete acid stains is that the Artist grade is a 1 coat acid stain as where the standard grade is a 2 coat acid stain. Therefore you will get double the coverage out of the artist grade. The standard grade is just that, the standard grade of acid stain that you'll find on the market today. The artist grade is pretty much the best that money can buy and actually ends up being a better value per square foot when all is said and done.
   Acrylic stains, semi transparent stains, water base stains, etc. or actually only disguised concrete paints that are using the name "concrete stain" to try and trick you into buying them. Make no mistake, acid stains are the only true concrete stains and are to concrete as wood stain is to wood.