Thursday, February 28, 2013

How should I finish new concrete to be stained?

Ask a Pro
   Q. -   We are building a new house with a finished basement and plan on using your Artist grade stain. The slab will have foam insulation underneath with a vapor barrier.
How should we specify the finish of the slab to the concrete contractor? How long does the concrete need to cure before we stain it?
Hello Mike,
   A. -   You should have the contractor to finish it with a nice smooth finish, but not too tight. You want it smooth and even but not so tight it's like a mirror. Also, don't let him use a curing agent. Finally, you will want to likely run a floor buffing machine with the scrubber pad, over the floor during clean and prep to ensure the pores of the concrete are opened up well to accept the stain.
   The concrete needs to cure for 28 days, or until it cures to one uniform color, whichever comes first. The 28 day rule is best.
I hope this helps,