Monday, October 29, 2012

What effect will snow removal have on my stained walkways?

Hello Richard,
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   Q. -  Hello There. I have just purchased a house that has a beautiful acid stained front concrete porch and walkway and was wondering if this product as beautiful as it is can be shoveled of snow, and because of its very slippery nature - can I use ice melting products on it durring the winter time or will it effect the finish ?. your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Sincere Thanks

Hello Rick, 
   A. -  What you're talking about doing will damage the sealer. When the sealer has become destroyed and goes away, then the damage will begin on the concrete's surface and thereby the stain. So, if you maintain the sealer each year, then it should last indefinitely. If not, then you'll be restaining in a few years or so.

Why is your product different from other acid stains?

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  Q. -  why is your product different from other acid stains?

Hello Shirley,
   A. -  Concrete Camouflage acid stains, as well as sealers and floor waxes, are different from others because of how we make our products and what we make them out of. Concrete Camouflage upholds the highest of quality standards, and has an aggressive yet patient R & D department. We are staffed with, and work with, not only a number of Ph.D.'s, ranging from their 40's to their 80's, but also artists who have worked for decades with these types of products. We're thereby able to take the best of the industries technology and materials from decades past through today, and tomorrow. Adding to that, practicality, value and user friendliness.
   But it's not just our products that are made better. The same level of quality runs rampant through the shipping department, customer service department, tech department, and all levels of Concrete Camouflage. We started as a family business and are now an employee owned business. Each and everyone of us takes pride in what we sell, what we do, and what we represent.
However, rather than taking our word for it. You may want to order in a small test bottle and see for yourself.
I hope this helps

Monday, October 22, 2012

Can I Stain and Seal over Paint Flecks?

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   Q. -  I have pressure washed , used citrus stripper, cleaned with tsp and pressure washed again some small flecks of paint still elude me. but sanding and additional stripper aren't getting them out, so I decided to ask about staining over them. I know they won't stain but if te color is ok with me will it matter as far as the sealer adhearing properly? Also I already have purchased the audio cd guide can the price be deducted from project kit? Can I get 300 square ft but have 2 different colors? I have fried my samples and like the two layered. Thank you.
Hello Linda,
   A. -  As you mentioned, the stain will not cover the flecks of paint. It sounds like they're embedded into the concrete pretty well, and if that is the case, then so long as you're happy with the look you'll achieve, then I would say go forward. Of course, if the paints flecks ever let go of the concrete, then that could cause the sealer to flake up in those areas. However, if the paint is indeed flecks, and that embedded in, then it doesn't seem like sealing over them would be a problem.
   The amount charged in the kit for the Audio Guide CD is $10.00, and as you have already purchased the CD, then yes we will deduct it from the kit. We'll email you a gift/discount certificate for $10.00 that you can use during checkout, with the kit purchase.
   Yes, you can request different colors in the kits. There is a Special Notes section on the kit page that you can fill in when ordering. Just tell us how much of each color and we're happy to take care of it.
I Hope this helps

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Help!! I used a semi transparent stain and it's not working out. What should I do?

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  Q. -  After staining the floor with a semi transparent stain and while it doesn't look that great it seemed to be fine but after using their water based sealer it is sticky. How can we fix this? Thanks

Monday, October 1, 2012

Highlighting help. How do I highlight my concrete using different colors of concrete acid stains?

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  Q. -  I want to use different colors of the concrete acid stain by Concrete Camouflage to give it a more colorful and variated look. Can you suggest a highlighting technique?
Hello Matt,
  A. -  How to highlight concrete using acid stains. First you apply your base overall coat, you will spray it on, keeping the sprayer nozzle about a foot or a foot and a half above the concrete, ensuring that you saturate the concrete well, but not enough to cause puddling. Then after it dries, you will come back and spray on the highlight coat, holding the sprayer nozzle about waist high and randomly fluctuating it from waist high to shoulder high, as you lightly mist the concrete sporadically. Walking backwards and fluctuating from waist level to shoulder level. This will give you some areas that are covered heavier, some areas that are lighter, and some areas that have almost or no highlight coating at all, though they will all be connected with veins of color. That will effectively highlight the concrete without completely covering the base color and also prevent it from looking spotted.
Remember these highlighting points. You always do the lighter coat first and then highlight it with the darker color.
Although you can if you choose, you don't have to neutralize it before highlighting it, though it must be completely dry before highlighting as walking in wet stain would leave footprints. You can then let it all sit the required time and neutralize and rinse it all together.
I hope this helps

What color should I expect when using Riverstone on exterior brushed concrete?

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  Q. -  Hello, I'm doing a pool deck that is brushed concrete. I understand that each piece of concrete will stain differently, but can you tell me what color is Riverstone typically going to be on this application?
Hello Matt,
  A. -  Of course it depends totally on your concrete, though application technique does have some effect. Riverstone tends to be more of a brown when applied to brushed concrete. It tends to be more of the grays when applied to smoother concrete, like interior floors. However, you will have a better chance at pulling more grays out of it, if you apply it lightly and then only let it sit for a few hours or just until it is completely dry and then neutralize and rinse it off, rather than letting it sit overnight or up to 24 hours as suggested for most colors. So, if you want more browns or darker grays then apply a saturating coat and let it sit up to 24 hours before neutralizing it, but if you're trying to pull more lighter and/or medium grays then apply a saturating but lighter coat and only let it sit only until it is dry and up to just a few hours before neutralizing it and rinsing it.
   You may want to consider ordering a small bottle first to do some small test areas, perhaps on the pool equipment pad, to ensure the color achieved as well as timing and amount needed to achieve the color that your hoping to get.
   I hope this helps