Friday, September 28, 2012

Is 16 year old too old to acid stain?

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  Q. -  While my concrete porch is 16 yrs old, it's covered and well protected. Is it too old to acid stain? Also, I have two stairs leading up to patio. Would it look weird to stain the "back" of the steps black and the "top and patio lighter? Thanks!

Hello Elizabeth,
  A. -  No, it's not too old to stain, so long as it's free from oils, sealers, waxes, paints, etc. Sometimes older concrete becomes more worn and weathered and thereby may soak up more stain though. So you may want to order a little extra to ensure that you get a good saturating coat. I would suggest that use the Artist Grade Concrete Acid Stain by Concrete Camouflage, rather than a Standard Grade of stain. Also, due to the age, it is possible that it may even need a couple coats of stain to get the richer deeper colors that newer concrete achieves with only one coat of artist grade stain, but it is still certainly stainable.
   Multiple colors are often used and doesn't look weird at all.
  Q. -  great. Is there an lower outside temp issue I should be aware of, regarding applying the stain and sealer?
  A. -  The air and concrete surface temp needs to be 40 degrees F or above.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I have two sections. One darker and one lighter. Will they stain the same?

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Q. -  I have 2 sections of concrete, 2 different colors at time of pour. I would like to apply a color to all of it and try to blend or make compatable. I hope for a more blended interesting shade. Is this doable? 
Hello Darlene,
   The darker section will stain darker and the lighter section will stain lighter. However, you can stain the entire area, then you can apply a light second coat to the lighter area to darken it up and help blend it in.
Thank You for Your interest in Concrete Camouflage.