Monday, December 19, 2011

My wax has milky white areas. How do I correct this?

Ask a Pro
Q. -  I just applied your Mop On floor wax and followed the directions precisely--cleaned my newly stained floor which was completed 2 months ago.  I applied the wax with the lambs wool applicator and applied very thin coat--sprayed on with a spray applicator and then used the wool to apply evenly.  Now I have several locations where it turned really white and milky.  Any suggestions as to why or what I can do to correct?

Hello Dawn,
   The wax should never be sprayed on. It should only be applied per the application instructions. Anyway, it is most likely that either the floor still had moisture on it when the wax was applied, or it was applied to thick. I would let it sit for a couple days to see if the problem corrects itself. If not, then you'll need to strip those areas, allow to completely dry, and then re-apply. The wax can be stripped with ammonia and water, though Simple Green works much easier and better to strip it.
I hope this helps.