Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Concrete Prep

Ask a Pro

Q. -  I am wanting to stain newly poured concrete. What to I need to know and is there anything I need to tell the contractor finishing concrete?
How long does it need to cure? Can I just hose off with water hose? etc. etc.
Hello Cindy
A. -  Tell him to finish it smooth but not too tight. Let it cure for 28 days before staining. Go over it with a floor buffing machine with the aggressive scrubber pads during clean and prep to help open up the pores.
Here's some links to help you out.
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http://www.concretestaintips.blogspot.com Complete Blog with Searchable Archives.
http://www.concretecamouflage.com/artist_grade_concrete_stain_co.cfm Color chart page which shows all the colors and their approximate color outcome.
I hope this helps,
Earl Choate Ph.D.