Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Can I stain my concrete pavers?

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Q. -  Can I stain my exterior Techo-Bloc concrete paver sidewalk and patio? Thank you! looks like you have a wonderful product.

Hello Michele,
A. -  When it comes to pavers, you just never know without first doing a test. While the stain does work with cementious products, each manufacturer has their own unique mixes, and then there's the question of baking, sealing, etc. Also, it's not only a question of will the stain work, but what the final color will be with your set of pavers.
   Although you'll need to do a test to know if and/or how the stain will work with your particular pavers, I can tell you that we have had many successful and happy paver staining customers through the years. Just remember that acid stain does not cover like a paint. Acid stain colors through a chemical reaction with what is already present in the piece that you are staining. Therefore, as the pavers are a slightly different color from each other now, they will still reflect those shades of difference once stained.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Do I have to remove all the residue?

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Q. -  Does all the dusty residue have to be off before you seal it. I've mopped a bunch but to run your finger across it, there is still some residue.

Hello Diane,
A. -  You do not have to remove 100% of all the residue. Though you will likely want to get the majority of the residue off, you by no means have to remove it all, and that's actually not even why we have you neutralizing and mopping it. You must thoroughly neutralize the stain so the sealer can hold it's bond. That's why we have you neutralize it once and then rinse it at least twice, to be sure. And if we say to remove the residue you're more likely to mop it enough times and change out your water as it gets dirty.
   So, if you've thoroughly neutralized and rinsed it, then you may proceed.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Please help me fix scratches in an acrylic stain I bought locally.

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Q. -  I applied BEHR semi-transparent concrete stain (I already had done it before I found your company - its to bad because your products are better!) then sealed it with their sealer and applied 3 coats of your Top Shield floor wax.  I let it sit for several days.  I went to set up the bed in the room and now have 2 large gouges completely down to the concrete.  I am so upset and wanted to see if you knew of anyway to repeair them so the rest of the floor does not chip away.  I thought about taking a small brush and applying sealer again and then reapplying the top shield.  I am not as concernd about the look as I can cover it with a rug, but dont want the rest of the floor to come up, as I have now learned that these types of stains don't last like your acid stains and can start to peel easily.  Any help would be appreciated.
Hello Nicole,
 A. -  You can find full answer on fixing bad stain jobs here  

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is moisture problems an issue?

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Q. -  Is moisture a factor in whether I can stain concrete or not? I'm fairly sure that there isn't a moisture problem in my basement slab, but I want to know if I should test for this or factor it into what type of stain I might buy.
Hello Christin,
A. -  While moisture problems would be detrimental to acrylic or water base stains, moisture is not an issue for most our higher quality concrete acid stains, such as Concrete Camouflage artist grade acid stains. Moisture problems can also be a major issue for most sealers and waxes.
   Clear Shield Advanced by Concrete Camouflage is one of a few sealers that allow the concrete to breath and also will allow a certain amount of moisture to wick through and still be fine, however, a major water problem would be still be an issue. 
   Concrete Camouflage's wax, Top Shield, is a great floor wax, but not if there's any moisture issues at all.
   If you have a moisture problem then you'll likely be able to see it, especially after a heavy rain.