Thursday, February 17, 2011

Do I have to remove all the residue?

Ask a Pro

Q. -  Does all the dusty residue have to be off before you seal it. I've mopped a bunch but to run your finger across it, there is still some residue.

Hello Diane,
A. -  You do not have to remove 100% of all the residue. Though you will likely want to get the majority of the residue off, you by no means have to remove it all, and that's actually not even why we have you neutralizing and mopping it. You must thoroughly neutralize the stain so the sealer can hold it's bond. That's why we have you neutralize it once and then rinse it at least twice, to be sure. And if we say to remove the residue you're more likely to mop it enough times and change out your water as it gets dirty.
   So, if you've thoroughly neutralized and rinsed it, then you may proceed.