Thursday, November 29, 2012

Using multiple colors, residue, and temperature...

Ask a Pro

   Q.  Hello. I'm very interested in purchasing the island sand, faded linen, mocha, and leather brown acid stains. I will be applying these stains to my back patio, which is 425 sq ft. I have scored a staggered tile pattern look with 18"x12" rectangles and 12" squares. I am going to stain each tile a different color with a soft bristle brush. My questions are...when staining multiple colors should i stain each block the different color as i go or should i do one color at a time throughout my patio? When I rinse the residue will it affect the different stains nearby? Will the residue affect concrete that i do not want to stain? What is the ideal temperature for applying stain outdoors? Thanks for your help.
Hello Ronnie

   A.  You can do it either way but I would do all of one color at a time. Just be sure to not step in wet stain. You could also Spray the lightest color
over the entire area. Let it dry and then hand color the blocks.
   You can neutralize and rinse it all together at once. The residue shouldn't cross colors, So long as you don't let it dry during the washing. So wash it easily but well, wash it off completely, and get on with it.
   The unstained concrete can be stained by the Residue washing, especially if you let it dry on it. So if possible, don't wash the stain residue over unstained concrete. If you must, then wash down the stained area, keeping the water flowing, then immediately wash down the residue from the concrete that it got on. Have your brush handy. Usually the unstained concrete won't be affected if it's washed quickly with flowing water, and brushed if needed. If it did dry on you and stain a little, then you could do a light acid wash but you really don't want to have to do that, so it's best to just get on with it and get it washed down or avoid washing oven the unstained concrete altogether, perhaps mopping the stained concrete so the residue water doesn't get on the unstained concrete.
   The ideal temp for applying stain depends also on humidity and a couple other factors, but pretty much tropical weather is best. But then when isn't it? Anyway, the minimum temp is about 38 degrees F.

I hope this helps