Monday, November 30, 2009

Camouflage Concrete Patches When Using Concrete Stain

Ask a Pro

Q. - I am interested in applying concrete stain to an existing garage floor that is porous. I have applied a concrete patching/leveling substance to several areas. The substance has dried a different color than my existing concrete. Is this a problem? Thanks

Hello Bill,
A. - Patching almost always stains a different color than the concrete slab. Unless you decide to finish resurfacing the entire floor and then stain it, you need to make a small sample test board. You can use plywood or even stiff cardboard. Trowel on some of the patch material you used on the concrete and allow to cure out for a day or so, until it has cured to one uniform color. Stain the test board, doing a section of 1 coat and a section of 2 coats, as well as a section of the stain diluted with water 1:1. Also do a small test section on the slab of concrete in an out of the way place, like a closet or corner. After you have allowed the concrete stain to dry completely, washed off the residue and apply the sealer to the test board and allowed to dry. Then you can wash down the test area on the slab and allow it to begin to dry. Once the test area has dried down to being just damp, you can compare the test board to see which is closer.
   If none of the patches blend well enough then you can try using a different stain color, or using multiple colors either in conjunction with scoring in a pattern that will itself also help camouflage the areas, or just by using a light color first, allowing to dry and then misting a darker color over.
   Let us know if you need further assistance.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Flaking Sealer on Concrete Stain Floor

Ask a Pro

Q.- My floor is stained and has the acrylic finish on it. At the entry door from outside it is flaking in an area about 2x3 with some other areas. How do I fix that? It looks terrible.

A.- When sealer flakes it is usually either because the concrete was not dry enough when it was applied, there is a current moisture issue, or because the stain had not been properly neutralized before applying the sealer. See our article on how to fix flaking concrete sealer.