Thursday, April 25, 2013

Can I Buff the Top Shield Floor Wax?

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  Q. -   I used the your Top Shield floor wax product over my sealed concrete floors and would like to buff them, is that ok and can i do it a week or more after they have been waxed. Will it improve the preformance of the wax?
Hello Tammy
  A. -  Yes you can buff it. Whenever you feel it could use it. Of course you don't have to and can simply reapply a fresh coat when it starts to scuff or dull, but you certainly can buff it. It will bring out the gloss more and extend the life. Commercial clients do buff their's to prolong it and lengthen the time between reapplication.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Did I use Enough Sealer on My Floor?

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   Q. -   Ask Your Question Here:: I stained and sealed a 400 square foot room, hallway, and closet. Did I do something wrong if I didn't even use a whole gallon of sealer after two coats? The directions say that I should have used two gallons. I made sure I did thin coats but now I'm worried I made
them too thin? Should I do more coats?
Thanks, Donna

Hello Donna,

  A. -   Depending on the porosity of the concrete, some will soak up more sealer as where some will require less. As you have 2 coats down, now look at it overall from a cosmetics viewpoint. Is it smoothed out overall or does some areas look more dry than others? If you have a good even smoothness everywhere then you should be fine with what you have down and can go forward with the final step of waxing. If it's not smooth and even
everywhere and overall, then go ahead with another coat of sealer.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I have cloudy areas on my floor. How do I fix it?

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  Q. -  Ask Your Question Here:: We did the acid stain, and sealer and wax. There were some areas that had a cloudy patchy look. Should we strip with simple green and reseal the whole floor and then rewax?

Hello Angela,

  A. -  Cloudiness is usually caused by moisture trapped in either the sealer or the wax. First, let it cure out for a few days and see if the cloudiness goes away on it's own. Many times it will dissapear with a few days of curing time.

   If not, then do a small test area. Warm your house up to around 80 degrees F, and apply a thin coat of wax and let dry. If the moisture is trapped in
the wax, the fresh coat of wax will open the wax up and the dry warmth will draw the moisture out.

   If doesn't work, then do a small test area again. Strip the wax with Simple Green and see if that does it. If so, remove all the wax, allow to
completely dry and reapply the wax in 2 coats as thin as possible, allowing it to completely dry between coats.

   If removing the wax doesn't remove the cloudiness, then the moisture is trapped in the sealer which means removing the sealer, allowing to
completely dry, and then reapply the sealer in 2 coats as thin as possible, allowing it to completely dry between coats. Allow to cure for a few days,
and then reapply the wax in 2 coats as thin as possible, allowing it to completely dry between coats.

 You can find more on fixing concrete sealer issues in our full article.

I hope this helps