Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Did I use Enough Sealer on My Floor?

Ask a Pro

   Q. -   Ask Your Question Here:: I stained and sealed a 400 square foot room, hallway, and closet. Did I do something wrong if I didn't even use a whole gallon of sealer after two coats? The directions say that I should have used two gallons. I made sure I did thin coats but now I'm worried I made
them too thin? Should I do more coats?
Thanks, Donna

Hello Donna,

  A. -   Depending on the porosity of the concrete, some will soak up more sealer as where some will require less. As you have 2 coats down, now look at it overall from a cosmetics viewpoint. Is it smoothed out overall or does some areas look more dry than others? If you have a good even smoothness everywhere then you should be fine with what you have down and can go forward with the final step of waxing. If it's not smooth and even
everywhere and overall, then go ahead with another coat of sealer.