Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Can I stain my concrete pavers?

Ask a Pro

Q. -  Can I stain my exterior Techo-Bloc concrete paver sidewalk and patio? Thank you! looks like you have a wonderful product.

Hello Michele,
A. -  When it comes to pavers, you just never know without first doing a test. While the stain does work with cementious products, each manufacturer has their own unique mixes, and then there's the question of baking, sealing, etc. Also, it's not only a question of will the stain work, but what the final color will be with your set of pavers.
   Although you'll need to do a test to know if and/or how the stain will work with your particular pavers, I can tell you that we have had many successful and happy paver staining customers through the years. Just remember that acid stain does not cover like a paint. Acid stain colors through a chemical reaction with what is already present in the piece that you are staining. Therefore, as the pavers are a slightly different color from each other now, they will still reflect those shades of difference once stained.