Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Help!! I used a semi transparent stain and it's not working out. What should I do?

Ask a Pro

  Q. -  After staining the floor with a semi transparent stain and while it doesn't look that great it seemed to be fine but after using their water based sealer it is sticky. How can we fix this? Thanks
  A. -  Semi transparent stains are actually just disguised concrete paints. They will usually peel at some point. Our only suggestion is to strip off the paint and then stain it with an acid stain and better quality sealer. And then, use a good quality wax to finish out the project.
The manufacturer of the product that you used may have some suggestions other than that.
We only work with high quality products and can't really adequately advise on paints, other than to tell you how to strip them off and redo the project with real concrete stains and sealers. For info on removing it, you can search the blog for " paint " and/or " sealer " and find removal info.