Monday, October 1, 2012

Highlighting help. How do I highlight my concrete using different colors of concrete acid stains?

Ask a Pro
  Q. -  I want to use different colors of the concrete acid stain by Concrete Camouflage to give it a more colorful and variated look. Can you suggest a highlighting technique?
Hello Matt,
  A. -  How to highlight concrete using acid stains. First you apply your base overall coat, you will spray it on, keeping the sprayer nozzle about a foot or a foot and a half above the concrete, ensuring that you saturate the concrete well, but not enough to cause puddling. Then after it dries, you will come back and spray on the highlight coat, holding the sprayer nozzle about waist high and randomly fluctuating it from waist high to shoulder high, as you lightly mist the concrete sporadically. Walking backwards and fluctuating from waist level to shoulder level. This will give you some areas that are covered heavier, some areas that are lighter, and some areas that have almost or no highlight coating at all, though they will all be connected with veins of color. That will effectively highlight the concrete without completely covering the base color and also prevent it from looking spotted.
Remember these highlighting points. You always do the lighter coat first and then highlight it with the darker color.
Although you can if you choose, you don't have to neutralize it before highlighting it, though it must be completely dry before highlighting as walking in wet stain would leave footprints. You can then let it all sit the required time and neutralize and rinse it all together.
I hope this helps