Monday, October 29, 2012

What effect will snow removal have on my stained walkways?

Hello Richard,
Ask a Pro
   Q. -  Hello There. I have just purchased a house that has a beautiful acid stained front concrete porch and walkway and was wondering if this product as beautiful as it is can be shoveled of snow, and because of its very slippery nature - can I use ice melting products on it durring the winter time or will it effect the finish ?. your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Sincere Thanks

Hello Rick, 
   A. -  What you're talking about doing will damage the sealer. When the sealer has become destroyed and goes away, then the damage will begin on the concrete's surface and thereby the stain. So, if you maintain the sealer each year, then it should last indefinitely. If not, then you'll be restaining in a few years or so.