Monday, June 28, 2010

Do I wash the neutralized residue into my pool or on my plants?

Ask a Pro
Q. - I'm an amateur who is doing concrete staining on a very old concrete deck around my pool.   

I will be finishing with your new water-based sealer.  Am ready to neutralize the acid stain, but am worried about using ammonia near my reed grasses. They grow nearby, separated from the concrete by a row of railroad ties that are sunk into the ground, so the neutralizing product will wash over the ties when I am rinsing.  If I rinse toward the pool what effect will that have on the chlorinated water in the pool?  Will I end up staining the poll lining with the rinsewater run-off? What do you suggest?
Hello Karen,
A. - It may be best if you just mop it, as you would an interior floor. That will keep any run off from causing a problem. Once you've neutralized it and mopped it with clean water only, then you could use the hose to flush rinse it once more and get any mop fuzzies off. Rinse towards the grass not the pool.