Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why do I see more red in some areas than others?

Ask a Pro
Q. -  I stained with island sand applied using a garden sprayer in a circular motion.  Surface was scrubbed with TSP and rinsed thoroughly before applying.  There are noticeable redder marks in some areas.  I think the overall look is good still, but is there a reason for this?

Hello Sean,
A. - The stain works by chemically reacting with the lime, cement, and minerals in the concrete, to change the pores and surface of the concrete to the new and permanent color. When your concrete was originally poured into place, that lime and cement and all the other components were randomly dispersed throughout.
   The stain is simply reacting with what is there and where it is. Of course you can highlight with other colors if you like, but if you're happy with it you may want to just leave it alone.
   Another consideration is that if you seal it, then that will change the color's appearance as well. The solvent base sealer will make it look as it does when saturated wet with water, and the water base sealer will make it look as it does when it is damp with water.