Monday, January 4, 2010

How to use multiple colors for highlighting

Ask a Pro

Q. -  Ask Your Question Here:: Can multiple stains be applied to the same surface to create a unique look? If so, would it be applied at the same time or one after another when dry? Perhaps a Leather stain over a Sand stain to add deeper colors in some areas etc? If I score or cut kerf marks in the floor and want to apply different colored stains should I tape off the adjacent area before staining? Also if long scores are done replicating wood flooring is there a way to make the stain have streaks or veins looking like grain or at least a pattern running parallel with the saw marks?

Hello Robert,
A. -  Yes they can. You would apply the lighter color first and allow to dry completely. Then lightly apply the darker color and allow to dry. Wash it all together.
   You should not tape off the adjecent areas, rather you should use a brush and small bucket. Dip the brush, shake off the excess, set it down away from the edge and brush in a circular motion so that when you reach the edge, the brush is running dry and you are dragging the stain to the edge.
   The Island Sand, or the Rosewood may allow you to apply it and then run a brush down it, leaving brush marks in the finish, replicating wood grain.
    Remeber to do some tests first to be sure of technique and color.