Monday, January 25, 2010

Is stain ok for pool decks? Should I seal it?

Ask a Pro

Hello Gabriel,

Q.- I have concrete around my pool, will the stain hold up to the chemicals of the water?
Yes it will. Acid stain is perfect for pool decks and is used more and more everyday. If you were to visit an amusement park that had water rides or waterfalls, then odds are that the rocks and boulders and waterfalls are all made of concrete and stained with a concrete acid stain.

Q.- If yes, would it be better to seal it?
If you use the new Clear Shield Advanced Formula water base decorative concrete sealer by Concrete Camouflage, then you may want to seal it at least the first time, though you don't have to. The stain is permanent and will hold up fine without being sealed. The surface of the concrete would have to wear away before the color would.
Sealing it will effect the cosmetics, meaning that it will enhance the colors and usually make it look better, while also sealing off the pores of the concrete from both moisture and UV, thereby increasing the lifespan of the concrete. However, If you seal it then it may be more slippery, depending on your concrete finish, so be sure to do a test first.

Q.- If yes, will it be slippery?
Solvent base sealers will definitely be more slippery. The new advanced formula water base concrete sealer by Concrete Camouflage is not near as slippery and on some concrete finishes is not slippery at all. So be sure to do a test first.
Added Advice: You could do both the color tests and the sealer tests on the pool equipment pad.