Monday, December 21, 2009

How cold can it be when I stain my basement?

Ask a Pro

Q. - Does the concrete need any special care if the weather is cold? Will the concrete staining drying time need to be adjusted or should I use space heaters? I am staining my basement. Thanks

Hello Beth,
A. - If the weather is cold, then yes it could take longer for drying times. However, if you have the ability to keep the room temperature regulated as you suggest then it shouldn't be too much concern. Bare in mind that you have to consider both the air temperature and concrete surface temp. just be sure that you let the concrete dry completely between stages. 
   What You may consider doing is to use the heaters to warm the basement to nice and cozy while you are cleaning it and allowing it to dry.
  • Turn off the heaters prior to and while applying the stain so as to not have any hot spots, but still a nice warm room and floor.
  • After the stain has completely dried, then you can turn the heaters back on while neutralizing and mopping the residue and allowing it to dry.
  • Then again, turn off the heaters prior to and during sealing. Allow the sealer to dry completely.
  • Then you can again turn on the heaters and bring the room up to nice and warm in order to apply the wax.
  • Remember that all products have a minimum application temp of 40 degrees F. 
I hope this helps.