Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How Long Before I Can Stain? Should I Seal?

Ask a Pro

Q. - How long should I wait before staining new exterior concrete? Is a particular type best for exterior? This is for a sidewalk we will drive our Ranger on. I do not plan to seal it, will it hold up.

Hello Sandy,

A. - You should wait for 28 days, or until the concrete has cured to one uniform color, whichever comes first.
Concrete Acid Stain such as Concrete Camouflage brand of stains, are permanent stains. Such as wood stain is to wood. It is the best to use.
The concrete stain will hold up fine without the concrete being sealed. However, the surface of the concrete will still be exposed to the elements and traffic which will eventually wear away at the concrete's surface. As the stain is a surface treatment, if the surface of the concrete wears away, then the concrete stain will go with it. If you don't expect allot of traffic or harsh elements then the stain should last for many years and possibly a lifetime without the need for any maintenance. If you expect allot of traffic or harsh weathering, such as harsh sunlight or acid rains, etc., then you may want to reconsider sealing it. With the new Clear Shield Advanced by Concrete Camouflage, you get the natural colors with a satin finish.