Friday, May 3, 2013

Will concrete patching stain a different color from the concrete floor?

Ask a Pro
  Q. -  I have an older home and the concrete is most likely the original making it over 30 years old. Over the years there has been some hairline cracks that have developed as well as small holes which I intend to patch. Also I am removing some planters and adding concrete, my question is this: Will your acid stain product be able to blend the new concrete with the old concrete and patch work so that it all looks uniform?
Hello Yousef
   A. -  The patching will likely stain a different color from the existing concrete which is why most people do not patch hairline cracks or small imperfections. If you are going to patch, then first make a small test board of the patch material, say, on a piece of cardboard. Then you can do a color test on the concrete in an out of the way place such as a closet. Also stain the patching test board and compare the two tests. It may be that a second coat of stain on the patches will blend it. Or you may decide to use a different patching material, or you may decide to use a highlighting technique or multiple colors, etc. to blend it all in. Or you could score in patterns or designs and use different colors and/or techniques to make the differences look intentional and creative.
I hope this helps