Monday, May 13, 2013

How can I get stubborn carpet glue removed?

Ask a Pro
I was tryng to post this inquiry on your blog but could not figure out how to do so. My exterior concrete porch was covered with a carpet which I removed. I rented a carbide sander which removed most of the glue but there are still stubborn spots throughout. How can I best remove those spots? If they remain, what effect will it have on the stain? Thank you for your assistance.
Hello Dominic
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Anyway, the stain will be ineffective anywhere that the glue remains, including where it is still in the pores. You can try using a heavy duty glue remover or a mastic remover to help soften it up and strip it off and out of the pores. You'll need a stiff straw scrub brush for scrubbing as no other type of brush will work nearly as well. Then you'll likely need to sand it some more to get it all the way back to concrete. Then use a good concrete degreaser which will help clean out the pores. Then scrub it down with T.S.P. and rinse well a couple of times and allow to dry.
Or, you can lightly sandblast it.
I hope this helps