Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm tired of using paste wax! Is Top Shield mop on wax a good alternative?

Ask a Pro
Q. -  I'm tired of waxing with paste wax.  Would your Top Shield liquid wax be a good alternative?

Hello Julia,
A. -  Top Shield mop on style liquid wax by Concrete Camouflage is an excellent alternative to paste wax to say the least. It was designed for a grocery store chain, and is also used in malls, restaurants, hospitals, and all kinds of commercial and industrial applications. It is also used very extensively in homes all across the U.S. and worldwide. Using a lamb's wool applicator, you simply mop on two initial coats. It lasts for months in high traffic areas, and when it does start to scuff or dull, you simply mop on one coat which replenishes it and brings it back to like the day you did it. It has a traction additive which makes it less slippery and it comes in either gloss or matte finish. We're sure that you will be quite pleased with Top Shield's ease of use, durability, and low maintenance costs.
   However, you will need to strip off the existing wax. You can do so with a commercial wax remover, or the Marine's tells us that Simple Green strips wax very easily and effectively.
Thank You for Your interest in Concrete Camouflage.