Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Can I stain a floor that had on overlay product on it but is now removed?

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Q. -  Hello, we had several rooms in our house concrete stained by a contractor 2 years ago.  He sanded the existing foundation, applied two coats of hybrid concrete overlay, scored it, texturized it, then stained, sealed and waxed it.  It has since cracked and peeled in several areas.  After deciding not to get new flooring, I realized I can peel off the affected areas, since it is scored, like big tiles, and just restain the concrete underneath.    Would I still have to clean the concrete underneath, as it looks pretty good?  Recommendations?  Thank you.
Hello Shirley,
   A. -  You will need to do a small test area to be sure. If the overlay was a cementious product, and the floor has had any and all sealers, glues, and/or bonding agents completely removed then it should be ok. But again, a small test area should be done to be sure.
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