Friday, October 23, 2009

Removing scratches from waxed concrete stain floors

Ask a Pro

Hello Michael,

Q. - How often does the top coat of wax need to be replaced? Also what is the best way to remove animal scratches from one of your waxed floors?

A. - Top Shield mop on floor wax by Concrete Camouflage does not need to be stripped and re-applied like other waxes. Once it needs maintenance, whether it be from scuffing or dulling which usually takes months, to scratching from animals, furniture, etc., simply clean and allow to dry and then apply a fresh coat of Top Shield. This will re-emulsify the wax, thereby effectively erasing or removing any dulling, scuffing, or surface scratching. Typically you should plan on rewaxing every 6 months +/- on higher traffic areas.
You can re-apply Top Shield Floor Wax up to 100 times before you should need to strip it and start over. When you do decide to strip it, use a commercial floor wax stripper which you can usually get from tool and equipment rental stores, or we have been told by the Marines that they use Simple Green. You may want to rent a floor buffing machine to make it quicker and easier, depending on the size of the area to be done.

I hope this helps.