Friday, October 30, 2009

Faux Grout Lines When Concrete Staining

Ask a Pro

Q. - When staining a concrete floor is it better to score the concrete or use 1/4 inch tape to create faux grout lines?

Hello Michael,
A.- Scoring the lines will look more realistic. It gives it the separation and the 3D effect to look more real. Just be sure to score them only a 1/16th" to 1/8" deep. If you cut deeper into the concrete you'll create dirt traps. Here's a link with some quick and simple instructions with tips:
Taping the lines does works well also, especially if you don't want to use power tools. The lines will have a flatter look as they have no depth for the 3D effect as the scoring does, though it still looks quite good. The trick to taping the grout lines when concrete staining is to use packaging tape. The packaging tape that is kinda clear but thick, like a heavy duty scotch tape, and has the strings running through it. Be sure to really rub the edges of the tape down well and try to spray the stain more directly down, rather than at an angle, over the taped areas.
I hope this helps.