Sunday, September 20, 2009

Staining Statuary and didn't take

Ask a Pro

Hello Thomas,
Q.-  The statuary I stained this weekend didn't take much stain. I scrubbed it thoroughly before application. I can't see any prior-applied sealer,but who knows what is on it.  The piece is a 2' tall fluted column. How can I sand, etc., to get it to take a stain?
Thank you

A.-  How does it look if you wet it down? I'm thinking that when it is wet then you may see that the stain did take somewhat. If that is the case then by doing another coat or two may get the color where you want it. Sometimes a contaminant that prevents the stain from taking, will be flushed out by the acid in the first staining, thereby allowing the second coat to take. 
   Also, you can do additional coats to darken it up, so long as it is taking. If you must sand it I would say to use a fine grit either by hand or a belt sander. Another thing, is that if there was a mold release or curing agent present, then that would prevent the concrete stain from taking. If so, then any mold release would definitely have been taken care of with the first coat of stain, though a curing agent would likely still have to be stripped off and/or sanded.