Friday, September 25, 2009

Exterior Sealer needs to be stripped and redone.

Ask a Pro

Hello Maurice,

Q.- Please help me, if you can! I just spent three months of planning, pouring ten yards of concrete, stamping it random stone with a stamped brick around the perimeter. Using your stain and hand staining each stone and brick, I have been overwelmed by how it has been looking, especially after I neutralized the acid and rinsing it, it looked awesome. I was led to believe it would look like this, when wet, after I sealed it. Again it was incredibile. Well, I just sealed it with a $23 a gallon concrete sealer from a local store. I think it looks terrible. It repells water, but the colors are too bright, the stones,I didn't color, I expected to be a grey looking slate, are white. It didn"t change the look like it is wet, but it is water proofed. I don't care, I want it to look like it did after I rinsed it. All of my stones looked so much better than they do now.What can I do?

You should strip the sealer with a citrus stripper, xylene, toulene, or C.S.P.-Stripper by Concrete Camouflage. And then reapply a different sealer.

Be Sure To Read And Follow All Labels On All Products, Including All Directions, Warnings, And Otherwise.
  • Work in sections. Work backwards to avoid walking on it once the stripper has been put on.
  • Pour on the stripper and allow it to sit until it softens the sealer. Keep the stripper wet - do not allow to dry. Spread it around as needed during saturation stage.
  • Once the sealer is softened, pour on some more stripper and start scrubbing with a stiff straw scrub brush as found at, and after it is fully re-emulsified (reliquified), then either scrape it together with large painters shields and remove with square edge shovels and buckets, or power wash over the side and then clean up.
  • Allow to dry completely.
Then you should reseal it with a different sealer. We recommend using Clear Shield Advanced - an Advanced Formula Water Base Sealer that was specifically designed for today's decorative concrete and voc regulations, while keeping the end user first in mind. Try a small test area first to be sure you like it before doing the entire area.