Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How do I fix some spots that didn't take the stain well?

Ask a Pro
  Q.-  In prepping for stain I sanded the floor with a commercial floor sander, mopped with TSP, removed excess paint from over sprayed wall paint with buffer, scrubbed floor with TSP and rinsed floor with clean water 3 times. Allowed floor 20 hours to dry and applied first coat of stain with second coat of stain applied 4 hours after that. Stain appears to have taken well except in two areas; one, the size of a baseball, appears to be repelling the stain completely. The other, the size of a basketball, hasn't accepted the stain as well as the rest of the concrete. The clean mop water penetrated the entire area to be stained, never indicating that a clear barrier may be present to block the stain. Is there anything that may be done?
Hello Byron
  A.-  It may be that another coat will bring in those areas as the acid in the first coat may have eliminated whatever contaminant was in the way. Then again if it's an oil type contaminant you'll need to degrease and then reclean and rinse those areas before they'll take. If all else fails you'll need to camouflage those areas during the sealing stage.