Monday, January 28, 2013

I have cloudy patches, how can I fix it?

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screwed up too. after we stained it wife put on sealer when it was too cold and waxed right away. now have whitish marks and cloudy patches that are not going away. how do I remove them without screwing up the floor? sealed using ****** **
Hello Tom,
   I'm not familiar with the sealer you used. It sounds like a solvent base. If so, then it likely didn't cure long enough before applying the wax. The water in the wax may have penetrated the sealers surface which would result in cloudiness. You would be wise to speak with the sealer manufacturer on how to fix it. They'll likely have you to strip it down and reapply the sealer and let it cure out before applying the wax. Fyi: Solvent base sealers require a minimum 72 hours cure time in warm weather. Longer in cold and/or humid weather. Also, the concrete has to be bone dry when applying solvents. Most sealers require it to be 40 degrees F and above, which includes both the air temp and the concrete surface temp, for application. 
Note: You can also find instructions on stripping sealers by searching the blog archives.
I hope this helps