Friday, October 14, 2011

What's best to remove paint before staining a floor?

Ask a Pro
   Q. -  what would be the best thing to use to remove the paint and sealer off the floor a floor grinder or chemical it is approx 4600 sq.ft and a restuarant

Hello Brett,
    A. -  The best thing is to use paint strippers, glue removers, or Xylene. What helps the most though is a stiff straw scrub brush like sold at It takes about 90% of the work out of stripping. Use painters shields as scrapers because they're about 2' wide or wider which helps. Use square end shovels and buckets to scoop it up and carry it out. You may need to go over it a couple times.
   You can use a good degreaser to help lift it out of the pores of the concrete after stripping it if you like.
   Once you've stripped all you can with the strippers/removers, use a rented floor sander, like they use on wood floors, or even a rented floor buffing machine with the sanding disks on it to lightly sand it the rest of the way down to a good smooth finish and completely back to concrete.
   Be sure and do a test in a closet or out of the way place with the stain before doing the entire project.
I hope this helps.