Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Can I use Concrete Camouflage concrete stains on acid cleaned concrete?

Ask a Pro
Q. -  can i use the stain if i have used a acid cleaner to clean the floor

Hello Dan,
   Once you've used an acid cleaner or acid etching product on concrete, then all standard grade concrete acid stains will be rendered ineffective. However, the Artist grade concrete stain by Concrete Camouflage will still stain the concrete in most cases, though it will also be diminished in it's effectiveness and capacity to stain as rich of a color as it otherwise would have. Which may mean that you will need to do more than one coat to achieve what you would have achieved had you not used an acid cleaner. People all across the U.S. are using the Artist grade stain by Concrete Camouflage on acid cleaned/etched concrete with very satisfactory results. Many achieve the look they desire with only one coat, still though, some do have to do more coats to reach the color richness desired, as mentioned before. You may want to do a small test spot in an out of the way place to be sure of both stain reactiveness and the color you'll achieve, along with determining whether you'll need multiple coats or if one coat will still do.
   That's the long answer. The short answer is yes, the Artist grade concrete stains by Concrete Camouflage will still most likely stain your acid treated concrete.
I hope this helps