Monday, February 20, 2012

Will re-sealing my stained floors and concrete countertops renew them, help with water spots, and be easier to keep clean and looking good ?

Ask a Pro
Hello Luke,

   Q. -  I have a couple questions, if you would be so kind. We purchased a house a few years ago with concrete floors and concrete countertops. The concrete countertops appear to be a colored concrete sealed in either acrylic or poly.  My question on this is, can I strip off the sealant and apply one of the Artist Grade Concrete Stains (thinking the Island Sand color)?  Would I need to sand down the top layer or anything like that, or just apply the stain directly to the colored concrete?
   A. -  You will have to completely remove all the sealant, including out of the pores of the concrete, in order for the stain to soak in and work. Also, the color will be effected by the existing color, and you can't stain lighter, only darker. You can try to strip the sealer with strippers and removers, but a light sanding is usually inevitable.
   Q. -  Secondly, my floors are a stained concrete, again sealed with a poly sealant.  The problem we are having with the floors is they are a dark brown color.  Whenever even a single drop of water touches the floor, it puts a water spot on the concrete that can only be cleaned by stripping the sealant off. Would Concrete Camouflage decorative concrete sealer protect against this?
   A. -  If your floor sealer needs to be recoated then our Clear Shield sealers are great, but what you really need is a good floor wax to seal off and protect the sealer, by acting as the sacrificial coat, as well as providing scuff resistance and lasting a while before needing recoated. That's where our Top Shield mop on style floor wax works great.

   Q. -    I'd be looking to seal roughly 1,000 square feet and am in desperate need of something that is actually going to keep water spots away!
   A. -  Again, regardless of whether you reseal the floor or not, the wax is the best product to be on top, as it cleans easily. You can mop it with water only or you can use a mild detergent, like dishwashing soap, and then rinse. It should last for months between coats and then you just clean, dry, and apply a fresh coat to keep it looking fresh, looking new, and easy to clean.

Any help would be much appreciated so I can make an informed decision.
I hope this helps.