Monday, February 20, 2012

Will the cracks that I filled and patched, stain ok?

Ask a Pro
   Q. -  I repaired a number of cracks in my driveway. Will the crack filler material take a stain, or be covered by it? The repaired cracks form a quite ugly pattern. Thanks,  Jim
Hello Jim,
   A. -  As long as the product used to fill the cracks was a cementious type product and not a type of caulking or silicone product, it should stain. However, the color that it will stain will usually be different from what the concrete will stain. We recommend putting some of the patching material on a piece of cardboard, to make a sample board. You can then stain a small test area on the concrete in an out of the way place, along with the sample piece of the patching material, to compare.
   It may be that a second coat of the stain on the patching will darken it up to blend with the concrete, or vice versa. Or, you may choose to do a second highlight coat of stain all over. You could also consider using the patching as an artistic component and even add saw cuts and/or scoring and perhaps even multiple colors, to complete a truly unique piece of concrete art.
I hope this helps.