Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Can I stain a block wall with concrete acid stain?

Ask a Pro
 Q. -  I have a small retaining wall (~250sq ft) that I'm looking to stain. Do you know if your product works on block? If so, what do you recommend for the stain / sealer, as approx coverage. Thank You
Hello Wayne,
 A. -  If it's cinder block then yes it should work quite well. If it's some other kind of brick, then you'll have to do test to know for sure, and should do a test on cinder block as well, to ensure the color along with the compatibility. The coverage for cinder block varies, but basically I would cut the coverage's down to about 70% and possibly even in half, as block is extremely porous and soaks up quite a bit of material. Again, it's just a guess but I would figure the Concrete Camouflage artist grade stain would cover it with about a gallon and half. However, you could try just 1 gallon and see if it can stretch out as it very well could if you apply it correctly. Spray it on and have a brush handy to brush out any runs as you go.
   You don't have to seal walls, but if you choose to, then I would figure on about 2 gallons of Concrete Camouflage's Clear Shield Advanced, at the most, maybe even just a gallon and a half. And stretch it out also. You can always order more if needed.
   Cinder block usually stains a little bit darker and reacts quite well with acid stains, so again, you may be able to stretch out a gallon of artist grade stain, though if you intend to use the standard grade, or any standard grade stain for that matter, I would plan on getting three gallons.
I hope this helps.