Sunday, June 12, 2011

I acid washed my concrete. Can I still stain it?

Ask a Pro
We recently had a colored driveway poured.  The contractor water cured it causing it to turn pinkish.  The Color's Manufacturer told us to wash the concrete with diluted acid to get rid of the pink and it helped but the color is still quite light.  Can Concrete Camouflage acid stain be applied over concrete treated with muriatic acid?
Hello Candace,
   While it is true that standard grade acid stains are rendered useless on concrete that has been acid washed or acid etched, the Artist Grade Concrete Acid Stain by Concrete Camouflage can indeed be successfully used on concrete that has been acid washed and/or etched. Customers all over are using the artist grade stain on concrete that was otherwise deemed unstainable, with great results, and have been for years.
   The only potential drawback is that it may not be quite as rich of a color as it would have been. That could cause you to need to do a second coat, if the first coat doesn't darken as much as you would like. To help maximize the reaction time and possibly prevent a second coat, allow the stain to sit on the concrete for a full 24 hours after it has dried, before neutralizing and rinsing.
I hope this helps.