Monday, March 7, 2011

Cracks in floor... patch?

Ask a Pro
Q. -  Hi. A few years ago, a company came to our house and installed a concrete floor in our kitchen. The floor now has a few cracks in it and the company that installed it is out of business and we cannot get in touch with them to honor the warranty. So my question is: is there a product we can use to patch the cracks? Or would a sealer prevent them from cracking more? They're just very thin hairline cracks and not too noticeable right now, but I'm afraid they'll get worse. Any suggestions you can provide would be fantastic. Thanks!
Hello Laura,
A. -  If they're just hairline cracks then I would not patch as of yet, and would try to never have to. If you seal the floor then that will fill in the cracks and keep any moisture or dirt from getting in and causing more trouble. However, you'll also need to wax it. The wax is the sacrificial coat. It ensures that you never have to re-seal it. If the sealer wears down then it's no longer stabilizing the floor.
   Therefore, I would suggest sealing it with the Concrete Camouflage brand of sealer and wax. 2 coats of Clear Shield Advanced sealer and then 2 coats of Top Shield floor wax.
   The wax will last for months in a high traffic area before scuffing or dulling and when it does, you just apply a fresh coat and it's back to new.
Note:   Hopefully the hairline cracks are caused by normal conditions and sealing/waxing is a final fix which would keep your floor in good shape for a long while and could keep it good forever. However, if the flooring overlayment starts to lose its bond to the floor underneath, or if there is an uncorrected condition causing the cracking to occur then this will be only a temporary fix.
I hope this helps.