Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Questions before doing a vertical wall.

Ask a Pro

I have some questions prior to beginning my wall. Thanks, Ed
Hello Edward,


We have some samples from Concrete Camouflage in transit. Are there any differences in application between a vertical wall (our situation) and a floor?
  Acid Stain is liquid like water, so it will run easy, which means you'll spray it on lighter than you would a horizontal surface. You will spray on the stain and then use an applicator brush, following behind and brushing in a circular motion, to take out any runs as you go. Otherwise you can mist on very light coats, one at a time.
Can a vertical wall be neutralized with just water? 
   Yes. Just be sure to flood rinse it well. Don't use allot of high pressure, just lots of water.
Is it necessary to seal a vertical wall? How many square feet on a vertical wall will a gallon of concrete stain cover?
   You do not have to seal a vertical wall when using the Artist Grade acid stain by Concrete Camouflage. How much it will cover is determined by how porous the concrete is. Smoother concrete will reap at least 400 sq.ft per gallon and maybe up to 500+. However, rough or porous concrete may only see 250 to 300 sq.ft. per gallon. And cinder block would only see about 150 - 200 sq.ft. per gallon.