Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's the difference in solvent base and water base sealers?

Ask a Pro

Q. - I would like to know the difference between the solvent based, and water based sealers. Which would be better for my situation.

Hello Chad,
A. - Currently the new advanced formula water based decorative concrete sealer is by far the most popular sealer, from diy to contractors.
   The solvent base makes the concrete look like it does when it is saturated wet. It has a shiny glossy finish. It can be slippery especially when wet as you apply it in two generous coats. A traction additive can be added to the solvent based sealer that will help but it will still be more slippery. The only way to adequately reduce the slipperiness is as in interior applications when the Top Shield floor wax is applied.
   The water base sealer is a green product sealer. It allows the concrete to still breath. It makes the concrete look like it does when it is damp, and has a satin finish. Because you apply it in two as thin and even of coats as you can, it tends to have a much less slipperiness factor than the solvent based sealer, though it can still be more slippery than non sealed concrete. The water base sealer is less expensive than the solvent based sealer.