Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What about grease and rust spots?

Ask a Pro
Q. -  We are pretty much ready to go!  I scored squares on a diagonal yesterday and power washed.  Question - I have a grease stain from our grill and a few small rust stains.  Can I or should I try to remove these?  Can I use bleach for the rust or do you have any other suggestions?  I tried the tsp on the grease, but although the surface grease is gone, there is still a circle of darker color due to the grease.  My assumption is that the acid will not penetrate this spot.  Any help you could provide would be appreciated!!

Hello Val,
A. -  The grease spot will try to keep the stain from soaking in and working. You can use the degreaser we offer or some other brand of concrete degreaser on the grease spot to lift any grease and/or residues out of the pores. The stain will take care of the rest.
   You can try the bleach if you like, it may work on the rust, though it could make a lighter area which could look worse in the long run. However, when you stain it many times the acid in the stain will remove the rust spot and/or the stain color will camouflage the rust spot.
   I believe I would use a concrete degreaser for the grease spot, followed by a TSP cleaning and good rinse down, and ignore the rust spot and go forward with staining after it has dried.