Sunday, April 18, 2010

Can I restain my older and allready stained patio?

Ask a Pro

Q. -  When we purchased our home, the concrete patio was stained.  From what I can tell (the water doesn't bead up on it), the concrete was not sealed.  The stain is starting to fade (no patio cover) and wear in high traffic areas.  I need to restain and from what I have read, acid staining may not work due to lime leaching due to the age of the concrete.  Any suggestions on restaining the concrete.

Hello Bill,
A. -  Concrete Camouflage stains are Artist Grade. They will stain concrete when most all the others will not. First be sure that the patio does not have an acrylic stain(disguised paint) on it, as well as no sealer, oil, or grease. Then, you should give it a try. The stain is fairly inexpensive and you have much more to gain than to lose at this point. I would suggest that you seal it this time, using Concrete Camouflage's new advanced formula water base sealer.
   You can do a test on an out of the way place to see if it works first. It wouldn't take but a very small area, say, a couple inches or so square to see. You could order the stain first and then order the sealer afterwards once you are sure you like the stain job, if you like.