Thursday, March 4, 2010

Will Concrete Stain Work On Cinder Block Walls?

Ask a Pro

Q. - Hi, Would the artist grade concrete stain work on an exterior 25 year old unpainted cinderblock wall?
Thanks. -JB

Hello Joe,

A. - Yes, the artist grade concrete stain will work great on cinder blocks. Concrete Camouflage has several customers around the country that has used it on cinder blocks, for both walls and house foundations. Actually many people are staining their walls and house foundation sides, both cinder block and concrete. We tested the stain on cinder blocks several years ago and it worked very well.
A few points though. Cinder block is extremely porous and so it will take more stain. Your coverage will likely be around 200 square feet max per gallon of artist grade stain. You will still spray it on but you will need to have a brush handy to brush behind the sprayer thereby removing any runs that you may get, as you go. Brush in a circular motion. Also, you will still want to wash it down with a hose after it has dried, but I wouldn't recommend sealing it unless you just want to seal off the blocks themselves. Otherwise the natural flat look may look better. However, if you do decide to seal it, then you could use the new advanced formula sealer, Clear Shield Advanced which has a satin finish, and would make the wall look like it will when it is damp after you've washed it down and it is drying from the washing.