Monday, March 29, 2010

To seal or not to seal. On a patio that is.

Ask a Pro
Q. -  Hello... I emailed earlier about your slate concrete stain and if you had an example of the finished product.  I think your site is great and we are very interested and I think you explained it best... we really feel that we can do this ourselves after reading all of this.  Another question that I have is about the concrete sealer.  Do you think it would still be slippery with "brushed" concrete?  It is on a patio an we recently put a roof and half walls around it (in OH). We like the idea of bringing out the color but do not want a slippery patio.  Thanks
Hello Thomas,
A. -  That's kind of a trick question. Any time you put sealer on concrete it can and usually will be more slippery than if left unsealed. The solvent base sealer and most sealers that matter would definitely be more slippery.
   The new advanced formula water base sealer is applied in two, as thin as possible and even as possible coats. So if the concrete is brushed well and you apply it in two thin coats, then theoretically it will not be more slippery. However, if the concrete is not brushed well and/or you apply it in heavy coats rather than thin coats, it could be more slippery.
   Of course the new water base sealer is designed to be less slippery, and you do apply it in thin coats, and your concrete is brushed, so it seems that you would be just fine with the water base sealer. Yet at the same time I do not want to get you or me in trouble.
   So, that being said, you can stain it first and then decide if you want to seal it. If you like the way it looks without sealer then you're good. If you like the way it looks when it is damp with water better, then you would like the sealed with the water base sealer better.
   Of course you could do a small sample test area with the sealer to see if it is more slippery or not, and then decide if you should seal or not. If you decide to seal it you can go ahead at that time, and if not then you can easily strip the sealer off the test area.