Thursday, February 11, 2010

Removing glue

Ask a Pro

Q. -  I'm trying to stain a floor in my house that was covered with vinyl tile and mastic.  I've removed the glue with glue removers.  I have also used a drill and paint stripping disc that is very coarse.  My question is will using the stripping disc seal the pores in the concrete or will it still be stainable.  Also there was a hole filler used to fill small imperfections in the concrete surface.  Although not removing it out of the small dimples is necessary(I feel it will allow for a little variation)  what can I use to remove where it is smeared?  Thanks for any advice and looking forward to using your product.   Jason

Hello Jason,
   The disk shouldn't cause an issue at all, if anything, you may use slightly more stain and sealer. However, if you still have contaminants in the pores, that would be an issue. A good test is water. If the water soaks right into the concrete then you should be ok, but if the water kinda sits there awhile, then you may still need to lightly sand the floor with a rented commercial floor sander like they use on wood floors or even a floor buffing machine with the sanding disks.
   Depending on what the filler is made of, your glue removers may work, otherwise you may want to lightly sand it.