Monday, October 19, 2009

To Seal Stained Floors or Not

Ask a Pro

Hello Pattie,

Q.- If I stained my concrete floor and left it rough, would it look bad? Or have you heard of anyone leaving their concrete floor rough and staining over it and how did they like it?

A. - If you leave it rough as in not sealing it and waxing it then it will have a flat look, still like stone but the color will be flatter, along with the surface remaining porous and easier to damage, scratch and stain with unwanted stains.
Sealing and waxing it not only gives it the marble look, it closes off the pores, thereby protecting the floor while making cleaning and maintenance super easy.
Some do leave their stained concrete unsealed and unwaxed but usually only if it is exterior. Though since Concrete Camouflage released the long awaited Clear Shield Advanced Formula Water Base Concrete Sealer, that has a satin finish when unwaxed, and glossy when waxed, those numbers are diminishing.
Any customers that have done so on Interior Concrete Floors usually do decide to go ahead with sealing and waxing for the look and easy clean.